Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Miracle at the Huntsman?

Hurrah! 53 days after doubling the dose of the Phase I test chemo, my blood counts have come down! Because the chemo doesn't "kill" blood cells, it takes at least the "life-span" of a stem cell to see a decrease in the resulting blood counts.

Although the decreases were not large (8% on platelets, 6% HCT), it was the first platelet decrease below 600 since starting the new chemo! Although there can be other explanations for the decrease other than the chemo, I'll choose the optimistic approach: IT'S WORKING! Recent bone marrow biopsies should indicate any change in reduction in my JAK2 mutant allele burden.

I'm so grateful to the corporate sponsor, the many researchers, doctors, nurses, phlebotomy professionals (and amateurs!) and friendly Huntsman Cancer Institute staff for all of their assistance. From the front door to the second floor and into Clinic "A", I find friends of 5 years, helpful professionals and intelligent scientists who help me understand the nature of the mutant enemy! Thank you to all.